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What Colour is the Mental Health Awareness Ribbon?

Green is the colour for mental health awareness.

What does the Orange Ribbon mean?

The orange awareness ribbon is used by many different foundations for various causes such as Harmony Day, Leukaemia, Motorcycle Safety, Multiple Sc...

3 Ways to Tie a Ribbon Around a Box

Here are a few of the classic and simple methods on how to wrap a ribbon around a box, perfect for gift wrapping.

Giant Bows and Their Uses

Our Giant Door Bows are large ribbon bows with extra ribbon strips allowing it to be attached onto doors, cars and other appliances. Not only are t...

Types of French Ribbons

Our French ribbon collection includes 4 main ribbon types: Satin, Grosgrain, Velvet and Cord. It can be a difficult task deciding what type of ribb...

The Best Alternatives to Plastic Bags: Custom Eco Bags

What are alternatives to plastic bags?

Top Tips on How To Customise Ribbon

Explore the variety of ribbon types and printing options for custom printed ribbon, along with some top tips to help you choose what will suit you ...

Custom Printed Ribbon For Your Business

Find out why incorporating business logos onto custom printed ribbons is one of the best business branding techniques

Valentine's Day Cherry Decorations

Our Valentine’s Day Cherry Decorations Collection encompasses a wide range of various heart shaped ornaments, gift bags and crafting materials befi...

Valentine's Day Craft Ideas with Ribbon

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to express your love and affection, seize this opportunity to create thoughtful Valentine’s Day DIY crafts for y...

Personalise Your Next Event with Custom Ribbon

Discover ways to personalise your Christmas celebration, birthday event or bachelorette party with some customised ribbon!

How to DIY Christmas Decorations with your Family

Simple and fun DIY Christmas decoration ideas to make with family and friends.