The Business Benefits of Custom Printing Your Logo on Ribbons

In my childhood home, I had a small box overflowing with multi coloured ribbons. These were foraged from every purchase and gift that came my family’s way. I’d obsessively run my fingers through the collection, reading the words printed on each one. Brunetti, Ferguson Plarre, Nespresso - this was my first introduction to many of these brands. 

Nonetheless, the benefits of a custom ribbon stamped with a brand’s logo go far beyond its potential as a child’s plaything. These ribbons provide a competitive advantage by making your brand recognisable to your company’s greatest asset: the customer.

Custom printed ribbons with your brand’s logo are not only eye-catching, but also play an essential role in the universally loved experience of unboxing a new purchase. The personalised nature of these ribbons also offers significant opportunities for enhancing your brand identity.

Printed ribbon

Ribbons with Your Logo Will Attract Customers

Unique product packaging is crucial for making an impression on the customer. When a consumer is evaluating alternatives, a personalised ribbon will make your product stand out from the sea of generic packaging available on the shelf. This will differentiate you from competitors and elevate the perception of your product.

The customer believes that good packaging is an indicator of a high-quality end product. Items with custom printed packaging are immediately perceived as higher in value, and this can compel consumers to purchase from your brand.

Positive Brand Association

In the case of designer goods or celebratory cake boxes, ribbons are added post-purchase. Though they play a smaller role in attracting customers, these ribbons are just as important for the customer’s unboxing experience.

Everyone loves opening a new purchase or present, and having a ribbon enhances this experience. Whether it’s a luxury product or a sweet treat, there is nothing quite like the simple pleasure of unravelling a ribbon-adorned package. 

When your business opts for a personalised ribbon stamped with your logo, the positive emotions from the unboxing experience are visually associated with your brand. Positive brand associations significantly increase repurchase intentions, contributing to brand loyalty and customer retention. Hence, the importance of choosing custom printed ribbons over generic, plain ones.

Custom ribbon

More Social Media Visibility

User-generated content (UGC) dominates the current digital scene, with product review videos becoming more influential than traditional advertising. In a Google Consumer Survey, 1 in 5 consumers said they watched unboxing videos to guide their purchase decisions.

Influencers upload unboxing videos to social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube. As viewers watch these videos, the presence of your brand’s logo on a ribbon increases visibility for your business.

Additionally, there is the aforementioned association between custom ribbons and quality goods. When viewers perceive your products as high value, they are more inclined to explore your brand and its other offerings. This is how personalised ribbons can influence social media users into becoming your loyal customers.

Branding Opportunities

Custom printed ribbons are a channel for your brand to express its identity. The type of ribbon and printing technique selected will work together to enhance your brand image. For example, a black satin ribbon printed with gold foil evokes a luxurious feel, while a grosgrain ribbon with plastisol print conveys a sense of durability.

Personalised ribbons also increase opportunities for brand recognition. For instance, iconic luxury brands often have distinctive custom printed ribbons, making their packaging highly identifiable to consumers. Achieving strong brand recognition will increase customer loyalty and generate positive word-of-mouth marketing.

Personalised ribbon


Custom printed ribbons are an essential design element for your business. They serve to attract customers by reflecting the value of your product, while also playing a crucial role in the unboxing process. Having your logo on these ribbons will strengthen your brand image in a highly competitive market.

At Cherry Ribbon, we have an extensive selection of ribbon and printing options available to suit your branding needs.