French Ribbons

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This carefully selected French collection includes our 4 main bestselling Ribbon types: Satin, Grosgrain, Velvet, and Cord. With the largest colour collection, we have more than 160 colours for French Satin, 60 colours for Grosgrain, 65 colours for Velvet and 47 colours for Cord. 

We are the exclusive representative of these French ribbons in Australia. Our ribbons originate from the region of Saint-Etienne in France with a long history of ribbon making since the 17th century. The factory is prized as the No.1 ribbon factory in Europe providing exclusive ribbons for fashion houses in France & Italy, including Gucci and Prada. We stock a variety of these French ribbon ranges with new shipment direct from Saint-Etienne every 2 weeks.  

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68 products found in French Ribbons

French Satin Yellow Gold
  • From $19.40

French Grosgrain Light
  • From $24.90

French Cord Green
  • From $24.50

French Velvet Purple
  • From $27.10

French Satin Black Silver
  • From $19.40