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Our wire edge ribbon features different types of fun and intricate pattern designs such as Brixen printed motif ribbon, Bretagne tartan, and taffeta wired edge with tinsel. Gold, silver and rose gold metallic wired ribbon will add shine to your gift or packaging. Cherry Ribbon has a huge collection of wired Christmas ribbon from Europe, mainly France and Germany. Wired ribbons make your Christmas presents stand out while wired Christmas tree ribbons add elegance to your Christmas trees and wreath.

Check out our bestsellers: satin ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, and velvet ribbon.

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White Organza with Silver Metallic Edge
  • $75.00
  • $50.00


Ivory Organza with Gold Metallic Edge
  • $75.00
  • $50.00

Brixen Printed Motif Ribbon
  • $43.60

Devon Metallic Ribbon
  • From $15.60

Trient Snow Flakes Organza
  • From $28.90

Bretagne Tartan-Red & Green
  • $31.50


Satin Ribbon DT255
  • $72.00
  • $34.00

Flock Swirl Ribbon
  • $43.00

Sold out

Wired Edge Organza - Mauve/Gold
  • $18.64

Wired Edge Mesh 25M-64MM-Antique Gold
  • $32.95

Wired Edge Mesh 25M-50MM-Antique Gold
  • $28.41


Copper Wired Edge Ribbon - Copper
  • $27.90
  • $15.00


Gold Wired Edge Ribbon - Brown
  • $27.90
  • $15.00

Wire Mesh Ribbon 25M-38MM-F014
  • $50.00


Happy Birthday Ribbon - WHITE/SILVER
  • $60.00
  • $25.00

Wired Taffeta With Woven Metallic Check Ribbon
  • $25.00


Wired Edge Taffeta
  • $30.00
  • $22.50


Taffeta Ribbon
  • $76.80
  • $36.30

Dream Taffeta Wired Edge
  • From $22.10

Taffeta Wired Edge with Tinsel
  • $25.00

French Tafetta Wired Edge
  • From $19.60

French Satin Wired Edge
  • From $31.70

Buy Wired Ribbon Australia

Wired ribbon is a delightful way to add a touch of elegance and creativity to any occasion. Whether you're planning a festive holiday decoration, a special gift wrapping, or a craft project, wired ribbons offer versatility and charm. These ribbons are not only decorative but also practical, as their wired edges allow for easy shaping and styling. We also have a lovely range of classic wired ribbons including Wired Edge Taffetas and French Satin Wired Edge Ribbons.

Shop Wired Christmas Ribbon

Shopping for wired Christmas ribbon is a cherished tradition for many during the festive season. In a plethora of colours, patterns, and textures, these ribbons bring a touch of holiday magic to decorations, Christmas trees, gift wrapping, and crafts. Their wired edges make them incredibly versatile, allowing for beautiful bows, elegant wreaths, and creative DIY projects. Whether you prefer traditional red and green or opt for shimmering metallics and whimsical prints, shopping for wired Christmas ribbon brings joy and creativity to the season's preparations. 

Wired Ribbon Wholesale

Our wired edge ribbon is great for ribbon bows and crafting as its structured edge allows you to create and hold versatile forms. Wired red ribbon makes excellent, solid ribbon bows.

Buying ribbon in bulk quantities offers cost savings and convenience, making it an ideal choice for large-scale projects, events, or resale. Cherry Ribbon offers an extensive range of wired ribbons in various widths, colours, and styles, catering to diverse needs and preferences. Wired ribbon wholesale is a smart solution for those seeking quality ribbons at competitive prices, making creativity and elegance more accessible than ever.

Where to Buy Wired Ribbon

Since 1928, Cherry Ribbon has been proud to be the leading wholesale and retail ribbon supplier in Australia, providing quality ribbons for retail packaging, event decorations, dressmaking, crafting, etc.

Cherry Ribbon offers wired ribbon in a plethora of colours, patterns, and textures. We can source different types of wired ribbon if we do not have it in stock. Our ribbons are Oeko-Tex certified.