Custom & Personalised Printed Ribbon

Custom Ribbon

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, you need to stand out from the crowd to succeed. Whether you are a small business or represent a large company, advertise your gifts and packaging with custom ribbon. When it comes to printed ribbon, the best choice is Cherry Ribbon.


Australian Printed Ribbon

Cherry Ribbon is an Australian family-owned business, started since 1928 in Flinders Lane, that supplies custom ribbon printed in-house in Melbourne now (Quick Deal) and custom ribbon sourced from Asia and France (Bulk Deal) with guaranteed premium ribbon and printing quality.

Request a quote today, select from below 2 options:



 Custom ribbon Printed ribbon

A. Quick Deal (for orders below 500 meters)

  • Ready in 5 business days
  • 3 Foil Print Colours: Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver and Black
  • For simple wording print
  • Can mix ribbon colours of the same type for the same design and print 
  • Ribbon Options :

With a small amount spent, you can have your own printed ribbons. Perfect for new business start-ups, first time printed ribbon users, individuals, entrepreneurs or designers to complete your projects or events.

Custom ribbon
Printed ribbon


B. Bulk Deal (for orders 500 meters and above)

  • Order Quantity: 500 meters or more
  • Ready in 20 business days

    B.1 Ribbon Options

    Over 190 ribbon colours or custom dyed to colour match your brand and width ranging from 6mm to 100mm. We custom print on: 

    Custom Satin Ribbon

    Silky, shiny satin finish on both sides for a smooth and luxurious feel. Satin printed ribbons are versatile and commonly used by bakeries, retailers, hotels, and real estate agencies for product and gift packaging. Click for satin colour cards 1 and 2. Recycled polyester satin ribbon is also available for printing.

    Custom Grosgrain Ribbon

    Heavy, stiff with a ribbed texture. Grosgrain printed ribbons are popularly used by florists, wineries and car dealers. Click for grosgrain colour cards 1 and 2. Recycled polyester grosgrain ribbon is also available for printing.


    Custom Organza Ribbon

    Soft, delicate, light and sheer ribbon. Customised Organza ribbons are elegant and are suitable for floral arrangements.


    Custom Flat Cotton Ribbon

    100% cotton, environmentally-friendly. These cotton ribbons are most suitable for companies that focus on ethical sourcing and sustainability.


    Custom Cotton Herringbone Ribbon 

    Distinctive V-shaped weaving pattern resembling a herring fish skeleton. They are 100% cotton thus environmentally-friendly. Cotton Herringbone Ribbons are also often used by florists and sustainable, eco-friendly organizations. 


    Custom Biodegradable Ribbon

    Our Tencel biodegradable ribbons are made of wood fiber, strong and breathable. It is smooth to the touch and vivid in colour.

    These Tencel fibers are biodegradable with sustainability certification by USDA BioPreferred and in accordance to FSC compliance.

    B.2 Custom Ribbon Print Options

    Single colour or multiple colours printing on 1 side or both sides.

    • Screen ink- Flat feel
    Printed Satin Ribbon Printed Satin Ribbon Printed Grosgrain Ribbon
    • Gold, Silver, Bronze or Rose Gold Foil Print- Shiny and flat feel
    Printed Grosgrain Ribbon


    • Plastisol- Slightly raised
    Printed Satin Ribbon


    • Thick plastisol - Raised print with 3D effect (minimum 1,000M)
    Printed Grosgrain Ribbon  Printed Satin Ribbon


    • Heat transfer print for colourful logos
    Printed Satin Ribbon  Printed Grosgrain Ribbon


    • Combination of above print options for more sophisticated logos (minimum 1,000M)

    • Colourful foil print (minimum 1,000M)


    Uses of Custom Ribbon

    Custom ribbons have a wide variety of uses and purposes. It is perfect for corporate gifts, in-store promotions, merchandising, conferences or special events, in-house gift wrap, grand openings, weddings, decorations, awards, and recognition.

    It is suitable for small business to big corporation or organization like bakeries, real estate, jewelers, food suppliers, schools and hotels to name a few. 

    Personalised Ribbon

    Using precise PMS colour matching to accurately recreate your brand; your logo will look fantastic with our high-quality personalised ribbon printing. Our services are perfect in helping you increase your brand awareness and attract prospective customers.

    Custom Ribbon with logo

    Looking to add that special touch to your brand? Our custom ribbon offers a professional solution. Custom ribbon with your logo printed is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools you can incorporate into your business.

    Custom printed ribbon cost

    The cost of custom printed ribbon is as low as $120+gst per order depending on the ribbon type, width, length and type of print. Request for a quote today.

    Custom & Printed Ribbon FAQs

    What is the MOQ for custom ribbon?

    The MOQ is 25M for quick deal and 500M for bulk deal.

    Quick deal - the MOQ is 25M

    Bulk deal - the MOQ is 500M for double sided satin and cotton ribbons, 1,000M for grosgrain and organza.

    What is the turnaround time for printed ribbon?

    5 business days for quick deal and 20 business days for bulk deal.

    Quick deal - turnaround of 5 business days

    Bulk deal - turnaround of 10 - 20 business days.

    Do you print on single sided satin?

    We print on double sided satin as the price difference is insignificant and double sided satin is more luxurious.

    We print on double sided satin as the price difference is insignificant and double sided satin is more luxurious.

    Do you print samples of custom printed ribbon?

    We give free samples of our previous printed ribbon work. Samples of your custom ribbon can be printed for order of 1,000M at a fee, which is deductible.

    Follow this 4 easy steps to order your custom ribbon or contact us today to discuss your printed ribbon requirements.

    We can give free samples of our previous printed ribbon work.

    Samples of your custom ribbon can be printed for a fee which is deductible when you order 1,000M or more.

    If you're looking for professional custom ribbon, you can rely on the team at Cherry Ribbon. Contact us today to discuss your printed ribbon requirements and place an order.