Cotton ribbon

Natural and Organic Cotton Ribbon

Discover our range of French cotton satin ribbon, dyed in 30 colours and made in France, which brings an element of luxury to corporate gifts and branding. Shop organic cotton ribbon in its natural plain colour, or choose to dye your cotton ribbons white, pink, or green. Choose from our special-order French Cotton Satin or Herringbone to beautify your packaging and gifts!


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French Cotton Satin
  • From $59.60

Cotton Herringbone Tape
  • From $25.00

Natural Flat Cotton
  • From $15.00

Natural Cotton Herringbone
  • From $15.00

Black Double Cotton Herringbone 5M 16MM
  • $15.00

Natural Cotton Taffeta
  • From $15.00

Cotton Herringbone
  • From $15.00

Jour Echelle Cotton Ribbon 12MM Pink
  • $80.80

Shop Cotton Ribbon Online

Shopping for cotton ribbon online offers convenience and variety. With a few clicks, you can explore a plethora of colors, patterns, and widths to suit your creative needs. Whether you're embellishing gifts, crafting, or decorating for special occasions, cotton ribbon adds a touch of elegance and charm. Select from the 23 colours range of value-for-money Cotton Herringbone Tape or Natural Flat Cotton Ribbon for your bags and fashion projects.

Cotton Ribbon Wholesale

Cotton ribbon wholesale offers businesses and craft enthusiasts cost-effective access to a versatile and eco-friendly ribbon option. Buying in bulk allows for significant savings. Cotton ribbon's natural and sustainable characteristics make it an attractive choice, particularly for environmentally conscious consumers. When purchasing wholesale, you can secure consistent and ample supplies for ongoing projects and seasonal demands. 

Buy online Cotton Ribbon rolls for wholesale or own use, or even a few meters of ribbon.

Custom Cotton Ribbon 

You can have your brand, logo or message printed on Cotton Ribbon. Submit a request for a quote for our custom ribbon, for printed flat cotton ribbon or cotton herringbone ribbon. This is an all-wise decision to build your brand with an eco-friendly identity and a great value advertisement. 

Explore Our Range of Cotton Ribbon in Australia 

Cotton herringbone ribbon and flat cotton ribbon in 16mm and 25mm are perfect for your gift and flower wrapping, crafts and scrapbooks making. Natural, eco-friendly recycled and biodegradable ribbons are available too.