Craft Ideas With Ribbon

Crafting is a wonderful way to unleash your creativity and create beautiful handmade items. Among the various crafting materials available, ribbons are versatile and add an elegant touch to any project. Ribbon crafts offer endless possibilities for the craft hobbyist, allowing you to add elegance, colour, and texture to a wide range of projects. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crafter, here are some inspiring ribbon craft ideas to unleash your creativity. 


Gift Tag

This ribbon craft is super simple and perfect for sprucing up a gift. Whether for a birthday, graduation or Valentine’s Day gift, these tags can add a more personal touch and heartfelt vibe. By making your own gift tag, you can customise the shape of the tag and write a message for the recipient. 

Start by cutting a piece of cardstock or heavy paper in your desired shape and size for the tag. Decorate it and write your message with fine liners or markers. Punch a hole at the top of the tag and thread both ends of the ribbon through it, leaving the ends at the front of the tag. Tie the two ends of the ribbon together and make a bow. Your handmade gift tag with ribbon is ready to adorn your present and make it even more special. 

Watch this video for more detailed instructions on how to make this ribbon craft. 

Ribbon Medallion

Ribbon medallions are a fun and creative way to commemorate an event. In this DIY tutorial, we'll show you how to create a ribbon medallion using just a ribbon, card and a hot glue gun!

To make a ribbon medallion, start by cutting a circle out of cardstock or heavy paper for the center of the medallion. Next, pick your preferred ribbon and make sure it is wide enough to be visible when glued behind the card. Using a hot glue gun, stick one edge of the ribbon around the circle using a folding pattern. Cut out strips of the ribbon and stick it on the bottom of the circle in an upside down V shape. 

Watch the video below to find out how to make this ribbon medallion. 38mm Violet French Satin ribbon was used in this video. 


Ribbon Friendship Bracelet

One of my favourite crafts to do with ribbon is creating unique and stylish friendship bracelets with some cord ribbon. You can braid or weave the ribbon to make these friendship bracelets. Experiment with different ribbon widths and textures to achieve various looks! For the ribbon friendship bracelets in the video, I used 1.5mm French Cord for a more dainty aesthetic. Go for our 2.2mm Cords for a bolder look or our wide range of ribbons for a different feel. 

Watch this video for more detailed instructions on how to make these ribbon friendship bracelets. These ribbon friendship bracelets were crafted using a 4 strand braiding method with options of an adjustable sliding end or a normal tied end. 

These ribbon craft ideas are just the beginning! Let your creativity soar with these crafts with ribbons. Happy crafting and creating with your beautiful ribbons!