How To Make A Remembrance Ribbon

Remembrance and awareness ribbons have become important symbols that convey support, solidarity and remembrance for different causes. Crafting your own awareness ribbon allows you to add a personal touch while showing dedication to your cause. In this step-by-step guide, we will be exploring the easiest and fastest way to make remembrance or awareness ribbons!


Remembrance Ribbon Colours

Before beginning your project, ensure that you have the correct coloured ribbons for the cause you are representing. Here are some of the most popular remembrance ribbon colours and their corresponding causes:

To find out more about awareness ribbon colours and their meanings, click HERE

How to Make a Remembrance Ribbon

In this quick tutorial, we will be making remembrance or awareness ribbons in the form of a lapel pin. For these lapel pin remembrance ribbons you will need ribbons, a ruler, scissors and safety pins. Follow along our "How to Make a Remembrance Ribbon" video or the written instructions done below!

  1. Cut your ribbons to size. Typically ribbons between 10mm to 20mm in width are used for remembrance ribbons. For 10mm ribbons I prefer to use a length of 13cm, and for 15mm ribbons a length of 16cm is preferred. remembrance ribbon awareness ribbon
  2. Fold the left side of the ribbon under.remembrance ribbon awareness ribbon
  3. Fold the right side of the ribbon over the left side.remembrance ribbon awareness ribbon
  4. Attach the safety pin at the midpoint of the remembrance ribbon where the two sides overlap.remembrance ribbon awareness ribbon
  5. Flip the remembrance ribbon around and now it can be pinned onto your clothes. remembrance ribbon awareness ribbon

Alternative Ideas

Other materials

These remembrance ribbons can also be made from other fabric materials such as felt or cloth. To make awareness ribbons from felt or cloth, simply cut them into strips with the same dimension as the ribbons used in the above tutorial.


To make remembrance ribbon earrings, you would want to use thinner and shorter ribbon. Skip the safety pin step (step 4) and use a hot glue gun to secure the two ends together instead. Then, use the hot glue gun to attach an earring post to the back of the remembrance ribbon. 

Police Remembrance Ribbon

Australia’s National Police Remembrance Day is held on 29th September annually and is a day dedicated to pay respects to police officers who have lost their lives. On this day, services and marches are held to honour the police officers. This tradition began in 1989 and has been followed annually since then. 

Blue Ribbon Day is also held on 29th September and allows the community to show their gratitude for those who protect and serve our community. On this day, community members may wear the blue Police Remembrance Ribbon in support and remembrance of police officers. 

Where to Buy Remembrance Ribbons

remembrance ribbons

If you need remembrance or awareness ribbons in larger quantities, check out our collection of ready-made awareness ribbons HERE. At Cherry Ribbon, our awareness ribbons are ready to be used with safety pins attached. The remembrance ribbons are currently available in teal, purple, pink, orange and green options.