Australia's Best Value Service : Ribbon is cut by metres and delivered FREE to your Australian home.

Only need a few metres of ribbon and trim for your crafts, dress making or packaging? Order ribbon in the required length and have it delivered FREE to your door in Australia. Shipping charges apply for all other countries.

You can order our ribbon by the metre for ALL major ribbon collections. Simply select the length option of either 2, 3 or 5 metres on individual product page. Prices from as low as A$1.50/m.

Our top selling French Ribbon range has more than 200 colours and is organised into 38 colour groups on this page for easy selection. These are imported directly from France and come with Premium Quality Guarantee. Our beautiful French Satin is presented in 10 primary Colour Groups. French Velvet, Grosgrain and Cord are displayed in 9 primary Colour Groups. French Taffeta has 26 colour options for you.

French Satin ribbon by the metre, Grosgrain ribbon by the metre and Cord by the metre come in minimum of 3m (prices from A$1.80/m). While French Velvet ribbon by the metre comes in minimum of 2m (prices from A$4.70/m)

The French Ribbon collection is also available in rolls.

Enjoy Australia's Best Value Service today!

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40 products found in Ribbon by the Metre

French Satin by Meter Green
  • From $8.30

French Satin by Meter Black Silver
  • From $8.30

French Satin by Meter Yellow Gold
  • From $8.30

French Satin by Meter Light
  • From $8.30

French Satin by Meter Brown
  • From $8.30