How to Decorate with Christmas Ribbon

We are nearing the end of the year which means that Christmas is just around the corner! What better way to celebrate this cheerful time than by decorating your house ready for Christmas! Continue scrolling for different ways on how to decorate using Christmas ribbon.

Ways to Decorate with Christmas Ribbon

There are so many ways to decorate with Christmas ribbons, ranging from Christmas Tree garlands and toppers to gift decorations for friends and family. Here are just some of the various ideas for Christmas ribbon decorations.


Christmas ribbon wreaths are beautiful and fun to make. Simply by tying Christmas ribbons and bows onto a cardboard or wire circle, you can customise the wreath to your liking and hang it on your front door or even on your Christmas tree. Find out more details on how to make a Christmas ribbon wreath here.

Christmas Tree Garlands

Christmas ribbons can also be used as Christmas tree garlands. We recommend using wide ribbons with wired edges to ensure that the ribbons keep their shape and have more structure when draped around the Christmas tree. Christmas tree ribbon garlands are a great way to make your tree look more unique and beautiful.

Christmas Tree Decorations

clear plastic baubles

You can also hang Christmas tree decorations using ribbon and cord, or even make your own Christmas tree decorations! Using clear baubles, you can put anything you want inside, whether a trinket or small craft, and hang it up on your Christmas tree with some thin ribbon. This is a wonderful way to customize your decorations with something more personal. Click here if you’re looking for plastic baubles.

Christmas Gift Wrapping

Wrap your Christmas presents with Christmas themed gift-wrapping paper and perfect it with a ribbon on top. Check out our blog here on different ways you can wrap bows around boxes to add that extra festive cheer!

Christmas Decorations around the Home

Ribbon Christmas Trees

Various fun and simple Christmas decorations can also be made and placed around your home. Miniature ribbon Christmas trees are a great craft idea for young ones, and they are also gorgeous decorations to put up on a shelf or table top to set the festive mood in time for Christmas. Discover more about how to DIY ribbon Christmas trees and other Christmas crafts here

You can also make Christmas ribbon flowers or bows to tie around the home, for example, around staircase handrails, chairs, tables, shelves, cupboards, and door handles. Click on these links for ideas for basic bows, unique bows, and ribbon flowers that you can create for Christmas. Rather than buying new decorations, ribbons are versatile and can be used as Christmas decorations in different ways.   


Types of Christmas Ribbon You Can Use To Decorate

With so many ways to decorate with Christmas ribbons and bows, let’s look at what types of Christmas ribbon we can use.

Red, Green, Gold, Silver Christmas Ribbon

Red, green, gold or silver Christmas-patterned ribbons in Satin or Grosgrain are go-to options for Christmas decorations and crafts. At Cherry Ribbon, we have a large range of Christmas Ribbons with print patterns featuring Christmas trees, angels, stars, snowflakes, mistletoes, snowmen and others. Browse our range of Christmas Ribbons here! For plain coloured ribbons, you can find them in our Satin, Grosgrain or Velvet collections.

Metallic/Sparkle Christmas Ribbon

If you’re a fan of shinier ribbon that really catches the eye, metallic or sparkle Christmas ribbon is the one for you. Our Sparkle Satin ribbons come in Gold Sparkle, where the ribbons are covered with gold glitter, and Silver Sparkle, where the ribbons are covered with silver glitter. Metallic Lace is the one for you if you prefer a slightly rustic lace look while still having a metallic shimmer. Our Devon Metallic Ribbon have a wired edge which helps keep the structure when tied into a bow or other shapes, and it has the shiniest metallic finish of the range. Sparkle Rat Tail is also the best option when it comes to tying baubles onto your Christmas tree as it is thinner but still has the Christmas shine.

Tartan Christmas Ribbon

Tartan and Gingham are the most classic patterns when it comes to Christmas fabrics. Glasgow Tartan and Bretagne Tartan ribbons use a combination of the staple Christmas red and green. Glasgow Tartan ribbon is thicker with darker shades, while Bretagne Tartan ribbon is sheer and lighter in colour.

Organza Christmas Ribbon

Organza ribbons are light and sheer, perfect for when you want to add a subtle finishing touch for gifts and decorations. The Monterey Organza in White and Red have a Christmas tree and star pattern along the ribbon. Trient Snow Flakes Organza has a white snowflake pattern along red Organza ribbon. Both these Christmas-themed Organza ribbons have a wired edge, giving more structure to the thin, sheer ribbons. If you are looking for plain Organza ribbons with no patterns or wired edges, you can find them here.

Pull Up Ribbon


Pull Up Ribbons are a more unique choice of Christmas ribbon. They are extremely easy and convenient to use as you can create a beautiful, voluminous bow just by pulling the ribbon.

Where to Buy Christmas Ribbon

We have a large range of Christmas ribbons available at Cherry Ribbon. Whether for decorating, crafting or packaging, there are Christmas ribbons suitable for everyone. Click here to browse our carefully curated selection of Christmas ribbons now!