How to DIY Christmas Decorations with your Family

If you are wondering how to make Christmas decorations using ribbons, you are at the right place! These DIY Christmas decoration ideas include a Christmas Ribbon Wreath, Wire Frame Ribbon Christmas Tree and Ribbon Snowflake/Flower Ornament, which are all simple and fun to make with family and friends.


A) Christmas Ribbon Wreath

The Christmas Ribbon Wreath is one of my most successful ribbon crafts! As the ribbon wreath was created with only cardboard as its base, it was a pleasant surprise to see how beautiful the wreath turned out at the end. No wreath wire frame? No problem!

Materials: Cardboard (30CM x 30CM), Assortment of Christmas Ribbons

1. Firstly, use a box cutter to create the cardboard wreath by cutting out a 30CM diameter circle followed by a 20CM diameter circle inside.

2. Cut varying lengths of different Christmas ribbons and start wrapping the wreath section by section. I alternated between 3 methods to make the ribbon wreath more interesting to the eyes:

a. Tying a double knot at the front.

b.  Tying a bow.

c. Wrapping a section of the cardboard with wide ribbon then layering it with narrower ribbon.

3. Optional: Make fish tail cuts to each ribbon to prevent fraying and to keep the Christmas wreath lively.

4. Use a longer strip of wide, wired ribbon to create a large bow with long ends going down the middle. This adds an artistic point to the wreath!

5. Lastly, use approximately 80CM of a ribbon of your choice to tie a handle onto the wreath.


B) Wire Frame Ribbon Christmas Tree

This ribbon Christmas decoration idea is for those who are in need of a quick DIY. All you need to do is decorate a Christmas tree frame with some gorgeous ribbons!

Materials: Christmas Tree Wire Frame, 22MM Gold Lame Ribbon, 22MM Silver Lame Ribbon, 15MM Gold Heart Edge Organza, 15MM Silver Heart Edge Organza, Rattan Stars and Gold Glitter Bauble Bonbonniere.

1. Tie a strip of ribbon onto the Christmas Tree Wire Frame like so.

2. Continue alternating between the various Christmas Ribbons till the bottom half is covered. I alternated according to the pattern of: Silver Heart Edge Organza, Silver Lame Ribbon, Gold Heart Edge Organza, Gold Lame Ribbon, repeat.

3. Make fish tail cuts to the ends of the Silver and Gold Lame ribbons.

4. Tie on some ornaments such as the Rattan Stars and Gold Glitter Bauble Bonbonniere as shown. Your lovely Ribbon Christmas Tree is now complete!



C) Ribbon Snowflake/Flower Ornament

This next DIY Christmas decoration idea is a ribbon snowflake or flower ornament. On top of the usual baubles, you can make your own ribbon ornaments to enhance your Christmas tree! This Christmas craft is very versatile as you can change the sizes and colours of the snowflake/flower according to your preferences.

Materials: 50MM Red French Satin, 50MM White French Satin, 6MM White French Satin, Lighter/Candle, Hot glue gun, Stick-on pearls

1. Cut out 6 squares of 50MM x 50MM Red French Satin and 6 squares of 50MM x 50MM White French Satin.

2. Fold the square in half, down then up as shown below.

3. Cut the pointed end off to make a straight edge. Pinch the edge with scissors and hold it close to a candle or lighter's flame to heat seal the ribbon tips together.

4. Cut along the bottom edge of the petal to make it short and straight. Then, heat seal the bottom edge too.

5. The petal should look like this now! Repeat the same steps for the other squares of ribbon.

6. Using a hot glue gun, glue the edges of the 6 red petals together like so.

7. Next, glue one white petal between two red petals and repeat the process till the flower/snowflake is complete.

8. Glue on an 160MM strip of 6MM White French Satin to form the handle.

9. Additionally, I added stick-on pearls to close the gap in the center and cover any hot glue residues.



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