How to make Ribbon Flowers

Have you ever wondered how those beautiful ribbon craft flowers on gift and hamper packaging are made? Don't fret, as you will be able to learn how to DIY and create 3 different types of elegant ribbon flowers right here. Flowers only last for a certain period of time yet ribbon flowers last forever! Below are our favourite types of ribbon craft flowers that are great as decorations or embellishments for presents. 

How to make Ribbon Flowers

A) Ribbon Gerbera Daisy

This ribbon flower resembles a Gerbera Daisy with its long, thin ‘petals’. It is perfect to be added onto a gift as it looks festive and grand, especially suitable on a congratulatory present!

Ribbon Flower

Materials: 25mm Burgundy French Satin Ribbon (1.5m), Needle & Thread

  1. Hold the left side of the satin ribbon on one hand.French Satin ribbon
  2. Fold the long end of the ribbon up into a loop.French Satin Ribbon
  3. Fold the long end down and up again to create another loop.French Satin Ribbon
  4. Repeat and create as many loops as you can, then cut off the excess ribbon. I have made 12 loops in total, but your ribbon flower will look fuller if you make more loops.
  5. Poke your needle through the left side of the top of the loops, then tie a knot using the two ends of the thread.French Satin Ribbon
  6. Spread the petals around till you are satisfied with the outcome. You can also sew or use a hot glue gun to attach a button, bead or even a smaller ribbon flower onto the center to complete your ribbon flower.French Satin Ribbon

B) Tiny Ribbon Rose

    These tiny ribbon roses are cute and easy to make and can be used in a variety of different ways! You can sew it onto clothing, use it as a hair pin, make accessories and also decorate presents with them.

    Ribbon Rose

    Materials: 10mm Celery French Satin Ribbon (20cm), Needle & Thread

    1. Hold the right side of the ribbon in your hand. French Satin Ribbon
    2. Fold in the right corner of the ribbon.French Satin Ribbon
    3. Roll in the right end of the ribbon twice towards the left.French Satin Ribbon
    4. Fold the left end of the ribbon out and under like so. French Satin Ribbon
    5. Roll the right end in again. French Satin Ribbon
    6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 till you achieve the shape and size of the ribbon rose you want. French Satin Ribbon
    7. Sew the bottom of the tiny ribbon rose together by making a few stitches that run through all the folds of the ribbon. French Satin Ribbon
    8. Your ribbon rose is now complete! If you want a larger ribbon rose, you can use wider ribbons of 15mm or 25mm. 

    C) 5 Petal Ribbon Flower

    This type of ribbon flower can be used as a corsage, brooch or embellishment. By using a satin ribbon, the form of the ribbon flower becomes more pronounced with a shiny, luxurious sheen. The beautiful shape of the 5 Petal Ribbon Flower is one of our favourites!

    Ribbon Flower

    Materials: 38mm Delphinium French Satin Ribbon (5 pieces of 6cm ribbon), Needle & Thread

    1. Pick up a piece of 6cm satin ribbon.French Satin Ribbon
    2. Fold down half of the right side like so. French Satin Ribbon
    3. Fold over the right side again till it looks like this. French Satin Ribbon
    4. Turn the ribbon over and sew the bottom of it with needle and thread. French Satin Ribbon
    5. For the rest of the ribbon, repeat steps 1-3 and sew the bottom of the ribbons together using the same thread. French Satin Ribbon
    6. When all 5 petals are sewn together, tie up the two ends of the thread and make a knot.French Satin Ribbon
    7. Your 5-petal ribbon flower is complete. You can layer it with another ribbon flower and also add beads or buttons in the middle with a hot glue gun.French Satin Ribbon


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