Our Favourite Christmas Craft Ideas with Ribbon

Christmas time is near and what better way to spend this holiday season than creating beautiful Christmas crafts! We have compiled a few of our favourite, simple Christmas craft ideas which features our festive Christmas ribbons.


 1) Ribbon Christmas Trees

Ribbon Christmas Trees


These ribbon Christmas trees are a Christmas craft favourite! Although patience is definitely required, the results are certainly worthwhile, and the miniature Christmas tree makes a perfect decoration for the festive season.

Firstly, the central cone was made using thick, coloured paper. The size of the cones can be adjusted according to your preference. 8CM strips of ribbon were then attached to the cone using a hot glue gun, starting from the bottom to create each peak.


Red Green Ribbon Christmas Tree


The 16MM Red/Green Bicolour Satin ribbon is one of the best options for this craft. By alternating the red and green sides of the ribbons, you can create an interesting Christmas tree pattern. Not only do the colours befit the Christmas theme, the sheen of the premium satin ribbon adds an even more Christmas touch to it.


Red Cream Ribbon Christmas Tree


For the second tree, red and cream variations of the Villach Printed Ribbon was used. The mistletoe pattern print on the ribbons are adorable and brings the Christmas tree to life! By alternating the red and cream Christmas ribbons for each layer, we add more depth to the Christmas craft.


2) Christmas Bow Earrings

Christmas ribbon bow earrings


These dainty Christmas bow earrings are a simple Christmas craft to make and are so beautiful to wear. All you need are earring hooks and two pieces of ribbon!


Christmas Ribbon Bow Earrings


For this Christmas earring, I used 10MM Red Sparkle Gingham ribbon. Simply tie two shoestring bows using the Christmas ribbons then loop the center of the bows through the ring on each earring hook. This Christmas bow earring can be adapted for other occasions and events by using a different variety of ribbons that can be found on our website.


3) Christmas Tassel Key Chains

Christmas Ribbon Tassel Key chains


Another very easy Christmas craft to make are these colourful Christmas tassel key chains. Simply cut 20CM strips from a variety of different complimentary ribbons, layer them on top of each other and tie a string of cord ribbon around the midpoint of the ribbons. After securing the ribbons together, tie another knot with the cord to make a small loop, so the Christmas tassel keychain can be attached to a key ring.


Red Green Christmas Ribbon Tassel Key chain


A variety of vibrant, red and green ribbons had been carefully selected to really bring out the Christmas vibes in this tassel keychain. A mixture of 1MM Silver Metallic Cord, 15MM Red/White Topstitch Grosgrain, 15MM Red Christmas Time Printed Satin, 15MM Deep Green French Grosgrain, 15MM Emerald French Gingham, 10MM Red Sparkle Gingham and assorted 5MM French Fine Gingham ribbons were used. The ribbon ends were also fish tail cut to prevent fraying and they add a style point to the Christmas keychain.


Gold Silver Christmas Ribbon Tassel Key chain


For the second Christmas keychain, I opted for a gold and silver colour scheme. This combination is a personal favourite of mine as the assortment of ribbons work well together and have an elegant aesthetic. 1MM Gold Metallic Cord, 15MM Cream Christmas Time Printed Satin, 13MM Gold Lame Ribbon, 10MM Gold Sparkle Gingham, 10MM Silver Sparkle Gingham and Heart Edge Organza ribbons were used.


Feel free to browse our Christmas Ribbon Collection for even more unique, Christmas ribbons for your crafts!