How to make Basic Bows out of Ribbon

Bows can be used in a range of ways, from packaging gifts to embellishments and decorations. Here, you will be taught how to make 3 basic bows out of ribbons!bowsthumbnail

A) Shoestring Bow

The Shoestring Bow is one of the most commonly used bows as it is easy to make using both thick and thin ribbon. It is also known as the Shoelace Knot as shoelaces are tied in the same way. The fast technique to tie this bow allows you to easily create it anywhere and anytime!ss

Materials: 16mm Glacier French Velvet Ribbon (50cm), Scissors

  1. Make two loops on each side of the center of the ribbon strip.SS 1
  2. Cross the right loop over the left loop, which creates a circle in the middle.SS 2
  3. Cross the original left loop over and into the circle, then pull it towards the back till the bow is tied. SS 3
  4. Your Shoestring Bow is then completed!SS 4


B) Dior Bow

The Dior Bow looks elegant, sophisticated and perfectly decorates a gift box. This version of the bow is simpler and easier to create!Dior Bow

Materials: 38mm Purple Organza/Satin edge with Silver Trim (1m trim and 15cm trim), scissors, stapler or hot glue gun.

  1. Fold in 5cm of the ribbon from the left side.Dior Bow 1
  2. Fold the right side of the ribbon over so that another loop is formed from the right.Dior Bow 2
  3. Fold the long end of the ribbon back over to the right, making the loop created a little longer than the previous loops.Dior Bow 3
  4. Fold the long end of the ribbon back and forth again 3 more times so that there are a total of 3 layers of loops on each side.Dior Bow 4
  5. Cut off the excess ribbon.Dior Bow 5
  6. Turn the bow around and secure the middle by using a stapler or hot glue gun.Dior Bow 6
  7. Wrap the 15cm trim of ribbon around the middle and seal it using the hot glue gun.Dior Bow 7
  8. Your Dior Bow is now created!Dior Bow 8


C) Double Loop Bow

The Double Loop Bow looks similar to the Shoestring Bow however the center is covered, making it look neat and tidy. When a bow is mentioned, the Double Loop Bow is sure to be the first to pop up in your head! A wired edged ribbon is best suited for this bow as it holds the form of the bow most effectively.

Materials: 38mm French Taffeta Wired Edge (1m), Scissors

  1. Fold around 15cm-20cm of the ribbon in from the left.DL 1
  2. Pinch where half of the folded end meets the long (right) side of the ribbonDL 2
  3. Fold the long (right) side of the ribbon over the “middle” where it overlaps the previously folded part.DL 3
  4. Pinch the middle of the bowDL 4
  5. Wrap the long end of the ribbon (which is now on the left) through the back to the front of the bow’s middleDL 5
  6. Then push the long end of the ribbon through the loop created through wrapping the middle.DL 6
  7. Turn the bow around and cut the ends however you like. Your Double Loop Bow is now ready to be used!DL 7

Now that you know how to make bows out of ribbons, you can spice them up by making them out of ribbons of different materials and widths which can be found in our Ribbon Warehouse! 

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