Personalise Your Next Event with Custom Ribbon

It can be difficult to find ways to personalise events, but custom printed ribbons are a great way to add a personal touch to your friendly gathering or formal function. Today, we will be discovering ways to personalise your Christmas celebration, birthday event or bachelorette party with some customised ribbon.



Merry Christmas Printed RibbonSnowflake Printed Ribbon

Decorate your family room for Christmas by incorporating our stylish custom ribbons. I love to see creative ways to use our custom Cherry ribbons because they are affordable & stylish!

Christmas tree red printed ribbonMistletoe cream printed ribbon christmas

You can hang the ribbons on a Christmas tree by cutting the custom ribbons in various lengths and tying them on as you work your way down the tree. At the end, you will have a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

Christmas red printed ribbonMerry christmas cream printed ribbon

Alternatively, you can use custom Christmas ribbons to make various Christmas crafts and decorations which can be found on our blogs, “5 Ribbon Crafts for the Ultra-Creative this Christmas”, “Our Favourite Christmas Craft Ideas with Ribbon”, and “How to DIY Christmas Decorations with your Family”.




Birthday party cake ribbons

Throw the best birthday party of the year with Cherry’s custom printed ribbons. Having a birthday party? Let us help you get the word out! Your birthday needs an easy and affordable personalisation to make the event remarkable and memorable to all friends and family.

happy birthday custom printed ribbon

Your birthday comes around only once a year so let us help you create a memorable birthday party with our stunning custom printed ribbon for your 21st, 30th or 50th birthday. Our lovely custom printed ribbons are perfect to impress your guests and get the cheer across. It also provides a high-quality finish to your glamorous invitation cards or gifts. What a game-changer! Make the most of it by throwing an all-out party affair




bachelorette party

There’s no denying that today, it’s all about the individual. We want everything to be made for us or with us in mind and our custom printed sash has made personalisation easier.

At a hens party, the bride-to-be can adorn a 'Bride to Be' Sash, making her look even more gorgeous and easily recognisable to guests. On the other hand, the Bridesmaids can wear stunning 'Bridesmaid' sashes in a different colour to the 'Bride-to-be' sash. As it is the Bridesmaids who plan the Hens Party, they can have their own “Bridesmaid” sashes to commemorate the unforgettable party. Additionally, other guests can also have their own personalised sashes such as “Mother of the Bride” or “Mother of the Groom” ribbon sashes!

true love printed ribbon

Our Cherry custom ribbon sashes can be made from different types of ribbons and different types of prints. They range from 'bridesmaid' sashes, True Love sashes, bride sashes, engagement sashes, anniversary sashes, baby shower sashes, bon voyage sashes, just married sashes, graduation sashes, birthday sashes, 'Mother of the Bride' sashes, 'Mother of the Groom' sashes  to 'welcome home' sashes. The list is endless, and our Cherry sashes will add a stylish touch to any party!



Find out more about our custom printed ribbons through this link, where you can personalise your own ribbons for any event!

*Photos in this blog are printed ribbons that are readily available on our web store, to provide a reference of what personalised custom printed ribbons will look like.