Printed Ribbon

If you’re looking for professionally printed ribbon, you can rely on the team at Cherry Ribbon. 

We custom print on:

  • Double-sided satin ribbon - silky, shiny satin finish on both sides for a smooth and luxurious feel.
  • Grosgrain ribbon - heavy, stiff with a ribbed texture
  • Organza ribbon - soft, delicate, light and sheer ribbon
  • Flat cotton ribbon - 100% cotton, environmental friendly
  • Cotton herringbone ribbon (broken twill weave) - distinctive V-shaped weaving pattern resembling a herring fish skeleton.100% cotton thus environmental friendly option.

 Our print options are:

  • Screen ink - has a flat feel 
  • Gold, Silver, Bronze or Rose Gold Screen Foil print -  has a shiny and flat feel
  • Plastisol - slightly raised print
  • Thick plastisol - raised print with 3D effect (Available for 1,000M)
  • Heat transfer print for colourful logos
  • Combination of above print options for more sophisticated logos

Contact us today to discuss your printed ribbon requirements and place an order.

View our vibrant new prints below.

Colourful Foil Print Colourful Foil Print 3 Colours Screen Ink, Foil Print


Browse our special printed ribbon projects.
Printed Satin Ribbon Printed Satin Ribbon Printed Satin Ribbon Printed Satin Ribbon
Satin - Multicolour Screen Ink Print Satin - Screen Ink Print Satin - Heat Transfer Print Satin - Plasticol Print
Printed Satin Ribbon Printed Grosgrain Ribbon Printed Grosgrain Ribbon Printed Grosgrain Ribbon
Satin - Thick Plasticol Print Grosgrain - Foil Print Grosgrain - Heat Transfer Print Grosgrain - Multicolour Screen Print
Printed Grosgrain Ribbon Printed Cotton Herringbone Ribbon Printed Cotton Herringbone Ribbon Printed Organza Ribbon
Grosgrain - Thick Plasticol Print Cotton Herringbone - Screen Print Cotton Herringbone - Screen Ink Print Organza - Foil Screen Print

Herringbone (500m & 1000m only)
Flat Cotton (500m & 1000m only)
Organza (1000m only)