Personalised Ribbon

Personalised Ribbon with Logo from 500 meters

Beyond aesthetics, personalized ribbon with logo serves as a subtle yet effective marketing tool. As they adorn your products or gifts, they act as silent ambassadors, carrying your brand message wherever they go. This mobile marketing approach can extend your brand reach beyond traditional advertising channels. When customers share or gift items wrapped with your custom ribbon with logo, they inadvertently become brand advocates, introducing your business to new audiences and potential customers.

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Ribbon options

Width ranging from 6mm to 100mm and over 190 ribbon colours or custom dyed to colour match your brand.

  • Double sided satin ribbon is a versatile and elegant material with a smooth and shiny finish on both sides. It is known for its luxurious and elegant appearance thus making it a popular choice. Recycled polyester satin ribbon is also available for printing.
  • Grosgrain ribbon is a versatile and durable ribbon known for its ribbed texture and matte appearance. We also print on recycled polyester grosgrain ribbon.
  • Organza ribbon is a sheer and delicate ribbon known for its lightweight, fine texture and transparent appearance.
  • Flat cotton ribbon is 100% made from cotton fiber and has a flat and smooth appearance. This environmental friendly ribbon suits companies that focus on ethical sourcing and sustainability.
  • Cotton herringbone ribbon is characterized by its distinctive herringbone pattern and the use of cotton fibers in its construction. The herringbone pattern is a V-shaped weave that resembles the skeleton of a herring fish.
  • Biodegradable ribbon is made of wood fiber, strong and breathable. It is smooth to the touch and vivid in colour. These Tencel fibers are biodegradable with sustainability certification by USDA BioPreferred and FSC compliance.

Print options

Single colour or multiple colours printing on 1 side or both sides.

  • Screen ink- Flat feel
  • Gold, Silver, Bronze or Rose Gold Foil Print- Shiny and flat feel
  • Plastisol- Slightly raised
  • Thick plastisol - Raised print with 3D effect
  • Heat transfer print for colourful logos
  • Combination of above print options for more sophisticated logos (minimum 1,000M) 

Lead time

20 business days.

Personalized ribbons with logos offer a cost-effective branding solution with high impact. The relatively low cost of producing custom ribbons makes them accessible to businesses. Additionally, their longevity, as ribbons are often kept or repurposed by recipients, ensures an extended lifespan for your brand message. This cost-effectiveness makes personalized ribbons a valuable addition to your overall branding strategy. 

Personalised ribbon FAQs

Do you print on single sided satin?

We print on double sided satin as the price difference is insignificant and double sided satin is more luxurious.

Do you print samples for branded ribbon?

We give free samples of our previous printed ribbon work for you to touch and feel. Samples of your personalised ribbon can be made at a fee. 

Can I see the artwork before ordering?

Digital artwork can be prepared at a fee, which is deductible for order of 1,000M and above.

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