What is the International Women's Day Ribbon Colour?

What is the International Women’s Day?

The International Women’s Day is held annually on March 8 to celebrate the achievements of women worldwide that have led to social, economic, and political advancements. It is also a day to raise awareness for women’s rights and push for gender equality in our society.

The International Women’s Day 2022 campaign theme is “#BreakTheBias”. The movement is to encourage breaking the bias in our communities, workplaces and schools to forge women’s equality and create an inclusive world where differences are valued.

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Brief History of the International Women’s Day

The origin of the International Women’s Day can be traced back to the early 1900’s. The immense oppression and inequality faced by women at that time prompted them to actively fight for a change in society. In 1908, 15,000 women protested by marching through New York City to demand for better working conditions, higher pay and voting rights.

Women’s Day was first started as the National Woman’s Day back in 1909 by the Socialist Party of America. The day was celebrated on the last Sunday of February from 1909 till 1913.

At the second International Conference of Working Women in 1910, Clara Zetkin proposed the idea of an International Women’s Day where every country can come together to celebrate women on the same day each year and campaign for women’s rights. Clara Zetkin was Germany's Social Democratic Party's leader of the “Women’s Office” at that time. Following a unanimous decision, the International Women’s Day was observed for the first time in a few countries on March 19, 1911. The date was then later changed to March 8 and was gradually being celebrated in more countries.


What is the International Women’s Day ribbon colour?

The International Women’s Day ribbon colour is purple. Purple was chosen as the official colour for the International Women’s Day as it signifies strength, power, loyalty, justice and dignity.

Additionally, ribbons with purple, green and white stripes are also used to symbolise women’s equality. Green represents hope while white conveys purity (which has become a rather controversial topic).

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International Woman Ribbon

Where to buy International Women’s Day ribbons?

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What can I do to support the International Women’s Day?

One of the simplest ways to celebrate is to wear a purple ribbon for International Women’s Day. You can wear the purple ribbon as a brooch, bracelet or even a hairbow.

To show support on International Women’s Day, you can shop from women-owned businesses or donate to women-centric charities and organizations. These can range from charities that promote women’s rights, help fight homelessness, support victims of domestic violence, fund foundations for women health issues and provide education for women.  

Several organizations also hold events to celebrate women’s achievements which gives an opportunity to acknowledge women’s accomplishments in the past year.