Top Tips on How To Customise Ribbon

With so many different options available, deciding on how to customise your personalised printed ribbon may be a difficult task. In this blog, we will be exploring the variety of ribbon types and printing options for custom printed ribbon, along with some top tips to help you choose what will suit you or your business best.



  • Double-sided satin ribbon- Silky and shiny with a satin finish on both sides, the double-sided satin ribbon is one of the most popular options. With its smooth texture and beautiful sheen, a personalised satin ribbon is perfect for conveying luxury and professionalism.
  • Grosgrain ribbon- Grosgrain ribbons are heavy and stiff, with a ribbed texture. This type of ribbon is long-lasting and durable, ensuring that it is suitable for all uses. From product packaging to store decorating and scrapbooking, custom printed Grosgrain ribbons are a great choice.
  • Organza ribbon- Organza ribbon is a type of soft, delicate and sheer ribbon. With an airy, lightweight and elegant feel, organza ribbons are the way to go if you are aiming for a gentle and dainty custom printed ribbon.
  • Flat Cotton ribbon- Flat cotton ribbons are 100% cotton and environmentally friendly.
  • Cotton Herringbone ribbon (Broken twill weave)- This type of ribbon features a distinctive v-shaped weave pattern resembling a herring fish skeleton. The cotton herringbone ribbon is also 100% cotton thus an environmentally friendly option.



  • Screen Ink- Screen ink is best for printing simple logo designs onto custom printed ribbons.
  • Gold or Silver Screen Foil Print- If you are looking to have your design printed in a metallic gold or silver colour, the foil print option ensures the most beautiful print.
  • Plastisol & Thick Plastisol- Plastisol creates a lightly raised print while thick plastisol produces a raised print with 3D effect. This print option is great if you want your logo or design to really stand out from your custom printed ribbon.
  • Heat Transfer Print- Heat transfer print is best for colourful logos on light coloured ribbon.
  • Combination- Combination of above printing options are available for more sophisticated logos.


Here are various combinations of ribbon types and print options:

Custom Printed Satin ribon with multicolour screen ink print custom printed ribbon satin screen ink print Satin plastisol print custom printed ribbon
Satin with Multicolour Screen Ink Print Satin with Screen Ink Print Satin with Heat Transfer Print
Satin custom printed ribbon wish plastisol print Satin custom printed ribbon with thick plastisol print custom printed grosgrain ribbon with foil print
Satin with Plastisol Print Satin with Thick Plastisol Print Grosgrain with Foil Print
grosgrain custom printed ribbon with heat transfer print Custom printed Grosgrain with Multicolour Screen Print custom printed Grosgrain with Thick Plastisol Print
Grosgrain with Heat Transfer Print Grosgrain with Multicolour Screen Print Grosgrain with Thick Plastisol Print
custom printed ribbon cotton herringbone with screen print custom printed Cotton herringbone with screen ink print custom printed Organza with foil print
Cotton Herringbone with Screen Ink Print Cotton Herringbone with Screen Ink Print Organza with Foil Print




  • Product to Ribbon ratio- For personalised ribbons used to package products, it is best to keep in mind that the width of ribbon should change according to the size of your item.
  • Logo design height- It is usually recommended that the logo or design’s height occupies approximately half of the ribbon’s width.


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