How to Fit Wedding Car Ribbons

Tying wedding ribbons to a car is a great way to enhance the lovely atmosphere on your special big day. What better way to decorate your car for such an important moment! Here are a few ideas on how to fit wedding car ribbons and put wedding ribbons on a car.


Classic V-Shape Wedding Ribbon

v shaped car ribbon


This method is one of the most classic ways to tie wedding ribbon on a car. Using any wide and durable Satin, Grosgrain or Organza ribbon, you can fit the wedding car ribbon with the steps below.

  1. Tie one end of the ribbon securely onto a sun visor or car handle inside the car.
  2. Pull the ribbon to the front of the car and open the bonnet.
  3. Loop the ribbon through any hole or opening inside the bonnet.
  4. Pull the ribbon back out and close the bonnet.
  5. Making sure that the ribbon is tight and taut, tie the other end of the ribbon to the sun visor or car handle on the other side of the car.

Additionally, you can attach a flower bouquet or large bow at the front to make the wedding car ribbon even more beautiful and eye-catching for the occasion.


Giant Door Bow

Giant door bow wedding car ribbon how to fit wedding car ribbons


Our Cherry Ribbon Giant Door Bows are also perfect statement pieces for wedding cars. They are simple and convenient to use as the bows are all ready to go and will definitely catch the attention of all wedding guests. The Giant Door Bows come in red, green, blue and black so there is a variety of colour options to compliment your car. After unravelling the ribbon to present the gorgeous bow, simply tie the two ends under the bonnet. Make sure that it is securely tightened so that the wedding bow will not move or slip off during the drive to the wedding venue!


Car Handle & Side Mirror Ribbons

red opening bow wedding car ribbon


Another fun way to put wedding ribbons on cars is by using an assortment of ribbons to tie wedding car bows onto car handles and side mirrors. Head to the “Our 3 Favourite Unique Bow Ideas for Ribbons” and “How to make Basic Bows out of Ribbon blogs for different types and styles of bows you can create for your car. Our Red Opening Bows (as pictured) are also a beautiful option for tying onto car handles or side mirrors and they are very convenient as the bows are already prepared for attachment.