Best Ribbon for Making Hair Bows

Ribbons and hair bows are the best accessory for beautifying a hairstyle. Different types of ribbon have varied features, making them perfect for hair bows!

Grosgrain Ribbon

Grosgrain Hair Bows

Grosgrain ribbons are one of the best ribbons for hair bows. Grosgrain ribbons are thick yet flexible, allowing you to easily tie them as hair bows. The ribbon doesn’t fray on the edges and cut ends can be easily stopped from fraying compared to other ribbon types. They are very durable, sturdy, and can withstand various treatments to achieve the bow you want. The ribbon’s soft-textured, transverse ribs created by its weaves add a nice touch and the ribbon looks neat and tidy overall when tied into a hair bow.

French Grosgrain Hair Bows

Our grosgrain ribbons come in a variety of different styles and colours. The French Grosgrain come in a wide range of colours and shades, so you will definitely be able to find a colour that compliments and brings your hair to life. The French grosgrain ribbons are of best, durable material that guarantees long lasting wear.

Grosgrain Hair Bow

Striped Grosgrain ribbons such as our Wide Stripe Grosgrain, Fine Stripe Grosgrain and French Petit Stripe Grosgrain are also beautiful options for hair bows as the contrasting stripes add a more festive feel to the bow. 

Topstitch Grosgrain Ribbon

Our range of Topstitch Grosgrain ribbons look classy and neat. The stitching adds a nice fashion point to otherwise plain ribbon!


Satin Ribbon

Satin Hair Bows

Satin ribbons are another great type of ribbon for hair bows, especially if you prefer a soft, glossy, flowy look. The satin ribbons are elegant with an alluring shine, which beautifully compliments all hair types. This type of ribbon is the embodiment of femininity and classiness and would be a fitting ribbon to accessorise hairstyles for dance competitions or even daily looks.

French Satin Hair Bows

Our premium French Satin Ribbons are extremely soft to touch and are double sided, so they look beautiful from any angle at any time. Like our French Grosgrain Ribbons, the satin ribbons are also available in an extensive range of widths and colours to suit your taste.

Cherry Ribbon also offers different types of satin ribbon including Sparkle Satin, Success Top Stitch Satin and Bicolour Satin, if you are looking for ribbons that aren’t plain. The Smart Satin is also a good option for hair bows as it is a mix of grosgrain and satin!

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