5 Easy Hair Ribbon Styles

Ribbon Hairstyles aren’t just for children, you can rock a beautiful hair bow at any age! Personally, I love the concept of using ribbons in your hair to convey your own creative flair. As many would agree, hair is indeed a powerful form of self-expression and what easier (and more cost-effective) way would it be than to spruce up your luscious locks with an oh-so-elegant ribbon. Continue reading below for 5 simple ribbon hairstyles.


1. Classic Bow on Ponytail

Classic Ribbon on Ponytail

The classic bow on a ponytail is a timeless look that suits everyone. Wanting to spice up your ponytail on a simple hair day? Tie on a beautiful ribbon as a ribbon hair tie! In this look, we used a velvet ribbon to adorn our ponytail. The soft, texture of velvet against smooth, straight hair is great for a contrasting effect and effortlessly makes a plain hairstyle like the ponytail much more interesting and elegant. This is a simple everyday ribbon hairstyle you can try with different types of ribbon!

 Ribbon: 16mm Rose French Velvet Ribbon


2. Ribbon Braid

Ribbon Braid

With pieces of long, hair ribbons interlaced into your braid, the “Ribbon Braid” look is perfect for those who are wanting to show some artistic and stylish fun. This hair ribbon style can be used on any type of braid, and the sheer organza ribbons are amazingly complimentary to the hairstyle. This combination of blue, green and pink sheer ribbons creates a harmonious look and adds a pop of colour to dark hair. Just by tying on ribbons to your strands of hair before you braid, you can achieve a colourful hair look for parties and festivals.

Ribbon: Organza Ribbons


3. Ribbon Headband

Ribbon Headband

A ribbon headband instantly throws you back in time when headband hairstyles were the biggest trend! To complete a vintage 50s or 60s hair look, we paired a retro, red gingham ribbon with a wavy fringe. Ribbon hairbands are bold, feminine, and simply a must-try fashion statement. This is a hairstyle for when you want to leave your hair down but still add a hair bow in for style. You can easily customise your ribbon headband with different patterns or ribbon widths.

Ribbon: French Gingham Ribbon


4. Ribbon Hair Tinsel

Ribbon Hair Tinsel

If you’re looking for subtle hair highlights, this youthful look is for you. This hair ribbon style is as simple as it looks, and you can customise it however you want. Instead of using tinsel, these thin strips of cord ribbon are great as a substitute. The strips of gold, silver and bronze cord add some metallic shades to your hair and is great for a trendy, modern look.

Ribbon: Gold Metallic Cord, Silver Metallic Cord, Bronze Metallic Cord


5. Ribbon Wrapped Ponytail

Ribbon Wrapped Ponytail

A modern approach to using ribbons in hair is the sleek, ribbon wrapped ponytail. Not only does it make sure that your hair is neat and tidy, it is also perfect for when you want to look chic and poised for the day. The silky, purple satin ribbon is exactly suited for a smooth finish to this look. This is a more unique ribbon hairstyle that can be a bit tricky to pull off, but will definitely be eye-catching when done right.

Ribbon: 25mm Purple French Satin Ribbon


With these 5 simple ribbon hairstyle ideas, you can easily add some hair ribbon to different looks now. With Cherry Ribbon’s wide range of ribbons including French satin, velvet and grosgrain of various colours and patterns, you will be able to find the perfect ribbon for any hair bow or hair ribbon you want. Browse our beautiful ribbon collections at cherryribbon.com.au !