6 Homemade Mother's Day Gifts

Homemade gifts are the best way to show your thought and care for the receiver. With these homemade Mother’s Day gift ideas, we hope that you will be able to surprise your mum this Mother’s Day with a beautiful homemade Mother’s Day gift. These Mother’s Day crafts are fun and perfect for all ages!
Decorated Notebook
If your mum loves journaling or writing, this gift will be just right for her! Decorate the cover of a plain notebook with stickers, ribbons, custom ribbons, paintings or photos of fun memories. A notebook is always a useful and practical present to receive, however, a personalised notebook takes it up a notch and makes it even more special.
 Decorated notebook homemade mothers day gift craft
Paper Flower Bouquet
Fold an origami flower, use some coloured paper to wrap the bouquet and tie it all together with some beautiful ribbon. Use thin, organza ribbon if you want a dainty aesthetic or wider, bold-coloured Satin or Grosgrain ribbon to add contrast and really make the flower bouquet pop. Alternatively, you can make the bouquet using fresh flowers. Don’t forget to perfect it with some ribbon!
 paper flower bouquet homemade mothers day craft gift
Write a heartfelt letter or card and beautify it with pretty ribbons, stickers or with any decorations as you please. This is a great way to add an even more personal touch to a card and really make it memorable.
 card letter homemade mothers day gift craft
Kindle or Book Cover
Does your mum have a Kindle or a favourite book? Crochet or knit a Kindle or book cover using yarn of her favourite colours. Add a bow to tie everything together and add a finishing touch! This Mother’s Day craft is perfect if you’re a beginner or interested in crocheting and knitting as it’s a fun and simple to create. The cover will make sure that your mum’s Kindle or book won’t get scratched when she carries it around.
 kindle book crochet knit cover homemade mothers day gift craft
Ribbon Flowers
Check out our blog on “How to Make Ribbon Flowers” to create some of your own ribbon flowers to gift your mum this Mother’s Day. The ribbon flowers can be attached to a hair clip or hair band to be used as a hair accessory or pinned onto a safety pin and used as a brooch. The ribbon flowers are a versatile Mother’s Day craft as they can be used to decorate many items.
ribbon flowers homemade mothers day gift craft 
Potted Plant
Rather than real flowers that may wither quickly, artificial potted plants are also a great Mother’s Day gift idea to brighten up and liven the room. You can decorate the pot to make the gift even more personal and heartfelt.
potted plant homemade mothers day gift craft 
This Mother’s Day, show your mum the love you have for her with these thoughtful homemade Mother’s Day gifts. Happy crafting!