Why Eco Bags?

BENEFITS of having Your own custom made Eco Friendly Bags :

1.  Visible symbol of Your company's commitment Your business is eco-friendly, caring and modern. Practical advertising with effective lasting Brand building, at fractional costs to each individual customer, less than $2 per customer, on average.

2. Bio-degradable Eco Bag eliminates landfills needs. Plastic and paper bags adds burden to landfills space, which compounds pollution to the earth over time.

3. Promote environmental core values to both Customers and Public. Improve your public image and PR opportunities at no additional cost.

4. Your Brand is viewed positively and trusted by environmentally-conscious customers, who will use and re-use your bags for long time. Brand loyalty boost sales and profits.

Who uses Custom made Eco bags and their major reason:

  • Small & medium business: most economical advertisement with your brand on reusable bags;
  • School & educational institution: promote, encourage and educate young generation of importance of sustainability & environmental care;
  • Government, charity organisation & social club: leadership by example in cooperating with federal and state government new plan of "Zero to Landfill"; and
  • Professional firms of real estate agents, lawyers, engineers & etc: create a strong sense of responsible member of community to all stakeholders.
 Eco Bags Eco Bag