This Wired Edge collection is great for crafting as its structured edge allows you to create and hold versatile forms. 

Our Wired Edge Ribbons feature different types of fun and intricate patterns designs such as the French Douceurs Catalanes, Laitonne Versailles, Artisanale Wired Edge and Feuilage Baroque.

We also have a lovely range of classic Wired Edge ribbons including Rayon Nature Laitonne Ribbon, Wired Edge Tafettas and French Satin Wired Edge Ribbons.

14 products found in Wired

French Laitonne Versailles
  • $31.82

French Douceurs Catalanes Wired Edge
  • $36.32

French Artisanale Wired Edge
  • $27.23

Rayon Nature Laitonne Ribbon
  • $22.73

Wired Edge Taffeta
  • $10.23

French Metallic Organza Wired Edge
  • $27.23

Dream Taffeta Wired Edge
  • From $15.45

French Feuilage Baroque Wired
  • From $32.80

French Art Nouveau
  • From $31.82

French Diamant Wired Edge
  • $29.09

French Constellation Wired Edge
  • $29.09

Taffeta Wired Edge with Tinsel
  • $12.50