What Colour is the Mental Health Awareness Ribbon?

The colour of the mental health awareness ribbon is green. The World Mental Health Day is on October 10 and the colour green is used to symbolise this important day. The purpose of the World Mental Health Day is to increase awareness for mental health and discover different ways to promote mental health care worldwide.


Why do people wear the green awareness ribbon?

The green awareness ribbon is worn for many different reasons. By wearing the green ribbon, it helps spark conversation and fosters a safe space for people to talk about mental health. This also raises awareness for mental health problems and aims to end stigma regarding society’s preconceptions or stereotypes of mental health. For some, it is also a way of showing support for those battling mental health issues or even a symbol for staying strong themselves.

Where to buy mental health awareness ribbons?

Mental health awareness ribbons can be bought via our Cherry Ribbon website here. We have green ribbons of varying types and widths that can be worn as brooches, pins, bracelets, or hair ribbons. Other foundations also sell plastic or metal pins in the image of a green awareness ribbon to raise money for the cause. 

Find out more about the colours and meanings of other awareness ribbons through this blog. Awareness ribbons with your logo printed is also available, see our custom ribbon page. Click here to buy green satin ribbon.