Giant Bows and Their Uses

What are Giant Door Bows?

Giant door bows are large ribbon bows with extra ribbon strips allowing it to be attached onto doors, cars and other appliances. Not only are giant door bows excellent for special events and promoting products, they are also reusable and easily assembled in one step. 

Giant Door Bows Uses

Giant Car Bow

Put the spotlight on a particular car by adding a giant door bow to its bonnet. This will quickly catch the attention of all customers, leaving a long-lasting impression.giant door bow cherry ribbon big bows

Giant Gift Bow For a House

A giant door bow easily sets the festive mood for a housewarming party right to delight guests on arrival. They are also widely used by real estate agents to create a memorable experience for customers. A simple addition of a giant bow to the front door makes the house even more welcoming and unforgettable.


Giant Christmas Bow For a House

Giant bows also makes a great and easy statement for the front door to complete the holiday season decorations. Choose a festive red or green bow for this look.


Giant Bow for Furniture and Appliances

The giant door bows can also be wrapped around appliances such as TVs, fridges, dining tables, etc. This is a great idea when gifting furniture and large appliances to friends and family for housewarming events.


Buy Giant Door Bows From Cherry Ribbon - Ribbon Specialists

If you're looking for where to buy giant bows for cars, houses or large gifts, look no further than the leading wholesale and retail ribbon supplier in Australia! Cherry Ribbon offers Giant Door Bows in red, blue, green and black in either 1 piece or a pack of 10. The dimensions of the bow itself is 44cm x 43cm. We offer free shipping for regular post on retail orders over $80 or online wholesale orders over $250. 

red giant door bow big bow cherry ribbon blue giant door bow big bow cherry ribbon green giant door bow cherry ribbon big bow black giant door bow big bow cherry ribbon
Red Giant Door Bow: 1 Piece, Pack of 10 Blue Giant Door Bow: 1 PiecePack of 10 Green Giant Door Bow: 1 Piece, Pack of 10 Black Giant Door Bow: 1 Piece, Pack of 10