How to Stop Ribbon from Fraying

Ribbons can be used for gift packaging, crafts, dressmaking and in many other ways. One of the main complications when working with ribbon is the fraying that may occur when the ribbon ends are cut. This can be very frustrating as the frayed ends distract from the finished product’s perfect look. Today we will be discovering ways to keep a ribbon from fraying!


Diagonal Cut

The diagonal cut is the easiest way to stop a ribbon from fraying. Especially for thinner ribbons, this method is simple and effective. Simply cut across the end of the ribbon diagonally at an angle, as shown in the picture. This will slow down fraying of the ribbon.


Wedge/Fishtail Cut

Another great way to stop fraying ribbon is to use the wedge or fishtail cut method. This is more suitable for wide ribbons and also adds a touch of elegance. Cut the ribbon ends into a “V” shape by folding the ribbon in half lengthwise and cutting diagonally across. When cut, the ribbon should look a wedge or fishtail, as suggested by its name. This is usually seen on the ends of large bows used for gift packaging.


Melting the ends

An effective way of stopping ribbon from fraying is to melt the ends of the ribbon with heat. Using a flame from a candle or lighter, run the ribbon edge across the top of the flame in a swift motion.  For extra anti-fraying, you can also melt the ends of ribbons that you have cut using the diagonal or wedge/fishtail method.

This method can be a little tricky as too much heat or a big flame may cause the edges to burn and leave a black mark. When melting the ends, please beware of fire hazards and ensure that you are melting the ribbon ends in a careful manner and in a safe environment.


Nail Polish

Paint the ends of your ribbons with clear nail polish, making sure that both sides of the ends are sufficiently coated. Dab gently along the edge so that the colour of the ribbon won’t darken too much. This method ensures that the ends will definitely stop fraying, however it may not look as nice if the ends are coated too thickly. Similarly, this can also be used in combination with the diagonal and wedge/fishtail cut.


With all these different methods on how to keep ribbon from fraying. You can now create flawless ribbon masterpieces with no frayed edges!