Art and Craft Ideas for Kids

Looking for some fun yet simple craft ideas to make with your children? Look no further as here are some of the few unlimited crafts you can make just using paper, ribbons and decorations. These handicrafts are cute and easy to make, perfect for kids of any age!

1) Gift card with ribbons and decorations


Materials: 10 mm ribbons (suggested options: Satin Ribbon, Grosgrain Ribbon, Velvet Ribbon), Cherry Green leaves or green paper leaves, Tin flower, preformed circular cut-out card, hot glue.

Card #1

Using a preformed circular cut-out gift card, punch holes around the circle. Cut 20 cm lengths of 10 mm ribbon (any plain or patterned satin, or grosgrain ribbon), thread them through the holes and then knot to fasten. Cut out green leaf shapes from paper or use Cherry Green leaves and stick them on the ribbons.

Card #2

Loop a strip of 10 mm ribbon over the top of the preformed circular cut out card. Then glue a tin flower and Cherry Green leaf or green paper leaf onto the ribbon as pictured.

2) Picture frame

Materials: Tin flowers, Metallic Butterflies, Cherry Green Leaf or green paper for leaves, Plain picture frame, hot glue.

Decorate a plain picture frame by hot gluing tin flowers, metallic butterflies and green leaves of different sizes and colours all over the frame. The metallic butterflies and tin flowers can be bent to suit your design and style.

3. Holiday scrapbooking

Materials: Scrapbook paper, your favourite photos, Tin flowers, Metallic butterflies, hot glue.

Place a series of photos centered on your scrapbook paper. Cut a large circle out of a single sheet of scrapbook paper and glue it on top of the photos. This will frame the photos (as in picture). Print out a message on a smaller circle, stick that onto another piece of scrapbook paper and cut out a larger circle for a border. Glue the message onto the edge of the scrapbook paper. Hot glue tin flowers and metallic butterflies around to decorate. 

4. Decorated gift tags

Materials: 10 mm ribbons (French Bicolour Satin), Cherry Green Leaf  or Green paper for leaves, Tin flower, Tin heart, Metallic butterflies, Gift tags, hot glue.

Glue your choice of tin flower, tin heart, metallic butterfly or green leaves onto the gift tag. Thread 10 mm thick ribbon through a punched hole on the top of the card and knot to fasten.

Like our art and crafts ideas for kids? Leave us a comment revealing your favourite, or post a picture of your craft creation!